Pattern Challenge: Oliver & S Popover Sundress

This morning I finished a very cute (if I do say so myself) version of the Oliver & S Popover Sundress.  The pattern is one of Oliver & S’ free download PDF patterns and is available from their site.

Over all I liked the pattern, and I think the finished product is simply darling (and could be very versatile depending on fabrics chosen and trim used) and perfect for summer.

For the most part I found the pattern easy to follow and understand, I only had a couple criticisms/tips for anyone else using this pattern.

1) The fabric layout guides could be done much more efficiently.  For the main dress fabric, if you fold the fabric in half, press the center fold as a guide, then open the fabric back up and fold each side into the center line you can still cut the dress on each fold and use half the recommended amount of fabric.  I would guess this method would be effective from the size two to at least the size four or 5.

2) no matter what I tried I couldn’t get the yolk piece and the dress neckline to match, there was at least a 1/4 to 1/2 inch size difference in the length of the pieces (yes, I double checked that I had cut them both to the same size pattern) In the end I managed to finagle it so it didn’t seem to matter, but next time I may cut the next size up for the yolk and see if they align better.

3) when it came time to add the optional trim along the yolk, I used a VERY thin line of fabric glue to stick my lace to the wrong side of the yolk before I stitched everything together.  This allowed me to place my lace exactly how I wanted and ensured that it would stay in place as I stitched without having to use a billion pins.  Worked like a charm and I would highly recommend trying it and will certainly use this method myself in the future.

4) my only other complaint was that despite how great the illustrations are (very helpful IMO) not until the very last step do they actually label which color stands for the right or wrong side of the fabric.  I was able to figure it out without much difficulty, but it would have been nice if there were a small guide in the glossary section of the pattern.

5) oh, I lied, one more thing… The final steps where it explains hemming, it seems that the pattern puts in an unneeded step by basting the 5/8 inch mark for the narrow hem (then later removing the basting stitch) I just used my hem ruler and ironed in a 5/8 inch hem then unfolded and ironed the edge up to meet the crease – which you’d have to do even if you stitched in the basting stitches.  If a beginning sewer were making this, I could see how this could possibly be a confusing step and the basting stitches actually end up more frustrating.

Obviously, I’m not going to complain, the dress turned out super cute, was pretty easy to put together (I did mine in a couple hours while still tending to my little girl) and the pattern was free after all.  I’m plenty pleased and will certainly be making this again, it’s cute and simple like a pillowcase dress but looks much more adorable.

3 thoughts on “Pattern Challenge: Oliver & S Popover Sundress

  1. Hmmmmm,
    I made this also, and noted the difference in the “yoke”, and the top of the dress, but I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be this way. I’m pretty sure that Leisl (whom has training AND experience that exceeds most pattern designers) designed it that way for a reason, that I could guess at, but why don’t you email her, and ask? She seems to be very open, and helpful from what I’ve seen on her blog. As a matter of fact, I’m going to check the forum via her blog to see if there’s a discussion on the pattern.

  2. Your one came out great!. I was just looking for inspiration on the flickr pool. I was sure that you should be able to get the main dress out of less yardage. Great to hear that you did, as I have 1/2m of fabric that I want to make a 2T out of.

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