Holiday Ornaments

Last week at MOPS our creative activity was making Holiday Ornaments. Specifically the challenge was making ornaments that moms could make on an adult level but also take home and do with their MOPPETS on a preschool level. To keep things more simple, we chose to offer three different design options, that all centered around a clear glass ornament ball. I’m not going to lie, I had no ideas at all for this one and resorted to googling and looking through past roundups on One Pretty Thing.

We ended up offering Foil Tape Ornaments, Polka Dot Ornaments, and Snow Capped Ornaments.

By far, the Foil Tape Ornaments were the most difficult to prep for, and the easiest for our moms/kids to make.  The thing the instructions failed to mention is that since you’re using a craft punch to make shapes out of tape, if you plan to make more than one ornament, your punch is going to get so gummed up with tape goo that it stops working.  It took us a LONG time to cut out all the shapes for the ornaments because we had to keep cleaning the punches with rubbing alcohol to try and remove some of the adhesive so we could continue to punch them out.  The snowflakes looked really pretty, but ended up being the BIGGEST pain in the rear!

Some of the other kid friendly ideas I found included, Marbleized Glass Ornaments (which Inara enjoyed helping poor the paint in, but had no interest in hanging around to do the rotating part), Decoupage Ornaments (which again Inara started to help with but got bored about half way through), Pom Pom Ornaments (which Inara had fun with, and also had the added bonus of pattern recognition with the candy cane making).  Last year Inara and I made Cinnamon Dough cookie cutter ornaments which smelled really good!

For more great ideas, a simple google search will help, or look at One Pretty Thing and search for “ornaments” in the search bar – there were pages of results for all crafting skill levels!

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