Another Printable

For quite sometime now I’ve been using the free printable menu planners from to do my weekly and monthly menu plan.  My only complaint is that lately I’ve been doing the actual writing of the menu on my computer, it makes it easier to move things around if I decide I want to eat something on Thursday rather than Tuesday etc. without making all kinds of scratch marks and ending up having to rewrite the whole thing and waist a sheet of paper. The only problem with that is that the downloads from OrganizedHome are all PDF format, and while I do have a simple PDF editor that comes standard on my MacMini, it’s not my favorite program.

So, along with making my menu this afternoon, I decided to make myself a MS Word weekly planner (I will probably make a monthly one as well, but not today) that I can easily edit (and spell check) using Word instead of Preview.

And since I did that, I figured I’d share with you too incase you’re looking for a new “look” for your menu planner.

PDF downlaod: Weekly Menu Plan



7 thoughts on “Another Printable

  1. I absolutely agree with your observation…I love all the free printables for organization, but they are usually PDFs. So I end up either re-creating the same form for myself or just not using it. I would love a Word copy of your planner to use for my family. And thanks!

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